A new home for my dad

A family friend, a neighbor and my dad have all helped to keep the front door of his old home on a new street open.

It’s a small victory in what has been a long fight to save a section of the West Side Market.

The family’s fight to preserve the historic section of West Side has been going on for nearly a decade.

In 2001, the developers and owners of the property, the Westside Properties Corp., wanted to demolish the home and turn it into a condominium.

A plan to build a high-rise was also rejected, and the property was turned into a vacant lot.

The property is now a popular gathering spot for neighborhood kids and parents.

The street where the old home once stood is now named the West side Market, but in its old location it was known as the Old East Market.

The current owners, the WSC Corporation, have a history of selling homes to the public, but their goal is to preserve it as a neighborhood landmark.

They have started the project to restore the street, using public funds to renovate the existing structure and to restore a small section of it.

The demolition of the old house was expected to take place in the next two to three years.

The demolition of that portion of the block will take place on Jan. 16, 2021, said Maryanne Stavroff, a member of the WCCC’s board of directors.

Stavrof said she believes that the community will welcome the renovation and that the city will be able to help with a long-term plan to preserve and maintain the historic street.

The new owners have agreed to help the WCCC with a project that includes the demolition of an old church, the former home of the American Baptist Mission, and rebuilding the block’s frontage with a mix of modern, old-style and heritage homes.

They will also restore the front of the home.

The community is also in discussions about adding a second home on the block to the project, said Stavros.

The renovation project is being done under the auspices of the City of Los Angeles Office of Historic Preservation, according to Stavraff.

It will be the second major project in the City to be undertaken by the office.

It also will be one of only a few such projects in the United States, she said.

A group of neighbors and the WPCC are organizing a walk and rally in March to support the restoration project.

The project is one of many that are being undertaken in the city, and it is hoped that the project will be a catalyst for preservation of the historic streetscape, said John Deasy, a spokesman for the office of historic preservation.

A historic blockThe old West Side home, which was known locally as the West East Market, has been closed to the general public since it was demolished in 2000.

In its place, the site of the former church, which once stood next to the entrance to the old East Market neighborhood, is being renovated, and is slated to be ready for demolition in 2019.

The area is currently home to the WCAI, an educational nonprofit organization.

The WCCC has partnered with the organization on a program to rehabilitate and restore the property.

The organization has been providing technical assistance to the owners and the community.

The area has been cleared for pedestrian access.

Stavrros said the WBCC has also assisted in the preservation of some historic buildings and structures.

A community meeting has been scheduled for March 9 to discuss the project.

Stavey said that the owners have been contacted by the City Council.

If you have any questions about the project or any of the activities taking place, please contact the WACC, the City Department of Public Works.

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