‘Giant’ new dinosaur found in the Amazon forest

The discovery of a giant dinosaur-like creature in the Brazilian Amazon has reignited a debate over whether Amazonian dinosaurs roamed the Amazon as some researchers have claimed.

The find of a new species of dinosaur has reigniteed a debate about whether the Amazonian forest was home to giant dinosaurs, which have been described as giant birds.

The newly discovered dinosaur was a large herbivore, which could have been a giant pterosaur or an herbivorous bird, according to scientists at the Brazilian research station INRAM.

The newly discovered species of the dinosaur is described as “a new dinosaur species,” said Carlos de Araújo, the director of INRAMA in the city of Manaus.

It is the largest dinosaur discovered in the tropical Amazonian region of Manus, and was found by scientists at INRAMI.

According to scientists, the creature was found in a field where they found a carcass of a bird with the remains of a head, wings and a tail.

The researchers have dubbed it “a bird of prey” and are currently investigating its exact origins.

The animal, which is believed to have been about 5 feet (1.8 meters) long and weighing around 100 pounds (40 kilograms), had a “huge head with large, triangular wings,” said the researchers.

The dinosaur had been described in 2015 by researchers from the University of Manao in Brazil.

In the article published in the journal Nature, the researchers said that the creature had a long, narrow body with a “mammalian-like neck.”

It had an elongated tail and a “small mouth with a large tooth protruding from it.”

The discovery of the new species, dubbed the T. lancei, sparked debate in 2016.

Many scientists had predicted that the animal would be a new type of dinosaur, or even a new genus of dinosaurs, called titanosaurs.

Scientists believed that the giant dinosaurs were among the biggest of the dinosaurs known, and had been the biggest in the entire evolutionary tree.

However, a few months later, scientists announced that the new dinosaur was in fact an herbivist bird.

They also reported that the dinosaur was the largest of its kind found in Amazonia.

Scientists also said that this new species was the closest thing to a true pterodactyl ever found in Brazil, as they were the only large dinosaur found that lived in the same region as the titanosaurs of South America.

Titanosaurs and giant birds are the two main groups of large dinosaur that were found in South America during the Late Cretaceous period, according the study.

The dinosaurs were giant birds that lived between 40 million and 100 million years ago, according researchers.

The study said that these giants had long necks, big heads and long wings, but they were relatively small.

The T. leonid was the first dinosaur found with a long neck, a birdlike body and large wings.

This new species likely lived alongside the giant pteryosaurs, and possibly other herbivores that were in the area, researchers said.

However, it is not known how the new titanosaurs were related to the giant birds, the scientists said.

Scientists said that scientists believe the new T. lineatus is an herbist bird because the body and head were similar to the head of a titanosaur.

However the new creature has a much smaller body than the titanosauroids, and has more birdlike features.

Researchers said that it is unclear how the animal came to be found in Manaus, which has the most Amazonian dinosaur fossils.

They believe that a few other new dinosaur fossils in the region have also been found in recent years.

Scientists are currently studying the new fossil to see if it is the species’ lineage.

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