How to predict which NHL teams are going to be winners and losers over the next two seasons –

As the NHL begins its two-year rebuilding plan, it has taken a big step toward its ultimate goal of becoming a more competitive franchise.

While the league has been steadily rebuilding the past several seasons, the league also has been working on its vision for the future, one that includes a stronger, more connected, and more dynamic team.

That vision includes a more robust marketing and fan base, better media relations and digital strategy, and an increase in the number of home games.

“The more games you can play in your home market, the more you’re going to attract fans and attract fans are going have more money to spend, so you’re probably going to see more teams competing,” said Marc Bergevin, the NHL’s general manager.

“So you can expect to see some teams in the West and East of the league with more home games, and also some teams that are in the East going to play a lot of games in the home market.”

The biggest question that remains for the league is how many teams will be able to get past the two-week mark, which will be January 10-13.

The league is considering expanding the schedule and adding more games.

The biggest questions for the NHL is whether it will be successful or not.

The two biggest issues that will likely come into play during the rebuilding process are salary cap space and arena capacity.

In order to have a realistic shot at being competitive in the NHL in the future with more games, the goal of the rebuild will be to bring more money into the market, which means the team that wins the most games will have more cap space to spend.

If a team wins more than 80 percent of their games at home, that team will have about $1.7 million in cap space, which is roughly half of what they had before.

The next closest team to them will have $2.2 million in salary cap room, which would be roughly half what they have now.

The cap space that the league would be able for expansion to the next level would be $8.5 million.

But the team with the best cap space would be the second-best team.

The league is also looking to make sure that all teams have enough seats for the next 20 games to keep them from losing the same number of games over the course of the season.

The cap space the league could use to expand the number games it plays is around $10 million.

But if a team’s home market is not doing as well as it could be doing, then it might be worth expanding the team’s number of regular season games, which are about 50 percent of the total number of hockey games played in the United States.

“We need to be able [to do that] at some point, and that’s where the arena needs to be,” Bergeven said.

The expansion draft is also one of the key decisions that will come into place in the coming months.

The draft will take place in January, with the top three picks in the first round selected on March 7.

The teams will have until July 30 to make their selections.

This year’s draft was the first to feature a cap-strapped team, as the New York Islanders and Tampa Bay Lightning went into the draft without enough money to sign their top prospects.

The team with more cap room and the highest amount of draft picks could have an easier time getting over the hump.

If the league does decide to expand to the draft, it will likely be by having the first-overall pick in the draft go to the Philadelphia Flyers, who are expected to draft Connor McDavid in the third round.

The Philadelphia Flyers currently have more draft picks than any other team in the league, and the draft has proven to be a huge success for the franchise.

The Flyers have the fourth-highest draft picks in franchise history, behind only the Philadelphia Senators and Montreal Canadiens, according to

“It’s not a surprise we have a lot more draft selections than any team in this league, so I’m excited about the prospect of going into this draft with more draft pick than we had before,” Flyers general manager Ron Hextall said.

“There’s a lot to be excited about.

The prospects, the experience, the talent that’s been developed by our scouts.

We feel like we’re going in the right direction.

I think we’ve built a really good foundation.”

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