How to trade German stock market stocks with a $50,000 investment

A German stock trader says he made his first $50 million by investing in Germany’s economy with his $50k portfolio.

The fund he built with his family included some of the most popular German stocks, such as BMW, VW and Siemens.

Now, he is looking to expand his business, which is called Garanti, to include European companies.

“It is not a one-man show.

I had a lot of help from my family,” he told Reuters.

“We had our parents here.

We had our grandparents.

We were born and raised here.

He has not given up on his investments, but says he is starting to lose money, adding that the losses could go up over time. “

I think it is a good idea to try something new,” he added.

He has not given up on his investments, but says he is starting to lose money, adding that the losses could go up over time.

He plans to use the money to pay off debts and invest in more stocks, which he plans to sell at a profit.

The German economy is facing a slump as a result of the global financial crisis.

Germany’s unemployment rate has risen to nearly 12 percent, the highest in the European Union.

But a survey published in June by the German Council for the Economy (DBG) found that investors are struggling to find companies with strong growth potential.

“This is a real challenge for Germany, especially for the next three to five years,” said Matthias Roesler, the head of the fund.

“Investors are trying to find investment opportunities with low costs.

They want a diversified portfolio, but there is a lot less opportunity for growth.”

Roeser said that he has lost around €20,000 ($27,500) in a year.

He said that most of his money is now in stocks, and he is considering selling some of his remaining investments in hopes of raising more money.

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