New York supermarket to open second market in NSW

The new supermarket in the northern NSW town of Tipperary will be the first in the country to be fully self-run, with all profits going to the local community.

It will also open the first Whole Foods Market in the region.

The Tipperar supermarket will be a one-stop shop with a range of food, cosmetics, health and beauty products, dairy and bakery goods, meat and poultry.

It has already attracted local celebrities like actress-turned-actor Lily Collins, who is the store’s only employee.

“This is an exciting new way of working for us and we are really looking forward to opening this new store in Tipperaro,” store founder and owner Tony Gelsons told AAP.

“It’s a win-win-win for us as the community and the store.”

Mr Gelsmans said his store would be open from the first of September to the last of October.

It will also have a full range of new goods including fresh-cut vegetables, produce, fruit, cheese and meat.

“It will be like any other supermarket, we will stock our shelves with everything that you need,” he said.

Mr Gensons said the new store would have an opening price of $8.50, which was lower than the $10.00 price at the current store.

Whole Foods Market will be opened by the end of March, Mr Gelsings said.

“We’ve worked very hard over the last two years to find the best location for the store, and to ensure we are building the most efficient store possible.”

Mr Hutton said the store would provide a strong presence for the town and was the first to open in the North Coast region.

“Tipperaro has been a regional town for some time now, so I think it is an ideal location,” he told the ABC.

“Our new store will be an anchor store for the North Coastal region and it will also serve as a regional hub for the local tourism industry.”

The local community will be able to benefit from the new supermarket, Mr Hutton added.

“The community will benefit from our new store and we’re also working with the local council to provide jobs for the workers, which will be great for the community,” he explained.

“People will be moving back to the town to shop there.”


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