What the markets are saying about the Ontario election

Markets are forecasting that Ontario’s Liberal government will win a comfortable majority in the province’s provincial election.

As of midnight ET, polls show Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals will win an overall majority of 643 seats in the 338-seat legislature.

The NDP, meanwhile, will win just 50 seats.

The Liberals and NDP were projected to win the seats of Toronto Centre, Whitby, Brampton, and Oshawa, respectively.

In all, the polls are giving the Liberals a 53-47 advantage in the seats that have been decided.

The Liberals are expected to win 43 seats.

In the other 338 seats, the Liberals and the NDP are projected to get 52.

The Ontario Liberals have the largest majority in Parliament, with an estimated 57 seats, or a majority of nearly 75 per cent.

The Liberals have a large majority in both houses of Parliament, but are currently in a tight race with the New Democrats, who have 39 seats.

They will be fighting for seats in Mississauga, Toronto-Danforth, Bramalea, and the Toronto Islands, while the NDP is trying to expand their support in the Toronto suburbs.

A majority government would be expected to reduce taxes, eliminate the corporate income tax and raise the sales tax, among other measures.

The government would also be expected take on the opioid crisis and create jobs.

Ontario’s Liberal and NDP governments have been embroiled in a number of controversies since taking power in 2015.

In May, Premier Kathleen Wynne accused the New Democratic government of using the “political advantage” of having a majority government in order to delay the implementation of the province and federal-provincial health-care legislation.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was quick to criticize Wynne, and in September, she publicly accused the Liberals of trying to take away the NDP’s power in the legislature.

After the election, Wynne accused Horwatt of being part of a “nanny state” that is trying “to put in place the worst aspects of the Harper government.”

Horwatt and Wynne both announced they would resign their roles in government.

Despite their political differences, the parties have also had a lot of common ground in recent years.

In June, Wynne announced that she would join the federal Liberal government in Ottawa after having campaigned in the provincial capital for years.

She also announced a $15 minimum wage for Ontario workers.

More recently, the two have worked together to pass the provincewide $15 per hour minimum wage, which will go into effect next month.

Ontarians will be voting in the first-ever provincial election in Ontario in 2019.

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