Which countries are the most affected by the Chinese-EU trade war?

China and the European Union have fought a bitter trade war over the past year, with both sides accusing the other of unfair trade practices.

The EU has said the Chinese government has tried to prevent EU goods from reaching the continent, and that China has retaliated with tariffs and other barriers to European imports.

But on Wednesday, China’s foreign ministry said the EU had acted in bad faith and had violated the terms of trade between the bloc and China.

The ministry said China had violated China’s obligations and “violated the rules of international commerce”.

“The EU-China trade agreement is a great success for China and China-Europe relations.

It is a major contribution to China-EU relations,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said.”

But if the EU and China do not maintain their constructive cooperation and uphold their bilateral trade agreements, they will become increasingly estranged.”

In a separate development, China also blocked a new US sanctions bill passed by Congress that would target Chinese internet giants.

China’s foreign minister Wang Yi told a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday that the bill is an attempt to bring about a trade war and to “defeat China’s economic success”.

“It is a provocation to a trade agreement that is the foundation of the prosperity of the world,” he said.

The US Senate on Wednesday passed a $1.1tn anti-sanctions bill that aims to prevent China from using the United States’ economic leverage to pressure other countries.

China said the bill was not in the interests of the global economy and said it will seek a revision of the US-China Free Trade Agreement (FTAA) to better regulate the internet and other sectors.

Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Beijing supports the FTTA and will “continue working with the US to develop and protect the benefits of trade in the international financial system”.

China also said it would review the deal to prevent any other country from using it to threaten the international order.

The trade deal is the subject of fierce political and legal battles in the US, with opponents claiming it would allow Beijing to bypass domestic courts to restrict US companies and limit the free flow of capital.

China has accused the US of trying to prevent it from entering into a multilateral agreement on trade that could have resulted in trade gains of $600bn for US firms and businesses, and has said it opposes any attempt to undermine the deal.

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