Why The Dow Is Still Above 200,000

The Dow is still higher than the 200,0000 milestone, which was reached on January 16.

But investors are worried that it will take longer to get to that milestone than we expected.

That could cause the market to tumble below that milestone.

Investors and analysts have been worried about that for a long time.

But the current rally is so big, the market is only getting bigger and bigger.

Investors have been watching for the market’s ultimate move since the year 2000, when the Dow rose over 10,000 points, before falling to just over 500 by the end of the decade.

It has risen again this year, hitting over 13,000, and will likely be above the 2,000 mark by the time it reaches that milestone on March 12.

Investors also have been hoping that the Dow will eventually drop below the 100,000 milestone, a point that would trigger the Dow to trade below its 20,000 threshold.

But that would be another 15 years, and investors would have to wait 15 more years before that happened.

Here’s why that may not happen in the near term: The Dow has historically traded at a very low level.

For the past decade, it has been trading around 10,800.

But now that it is nearing that level, investors have started looking for a lower price.

That’s because the market has been so volatile in recent years that it’s hard to see what the Dow’s eventual price level will be.

The Dow’s rally has been fueled by a number of factors.

For one, investors are increasingly buying shares of smaller companies, which have increased the value of their shares, as well as many hedge funds.

This year, more hedge funds are betting on the performance of companies like Apple and Amazon, which are now growing more rapidly than the market as a whole.

In addition, the Dow has been buoyed by the economic recovery in the United States and China, which has increased demand for stock market products and services.

Investors are also increasingly buying stocks of smaller countries, which is helping the market.

That means that, while the Dow is trading at a relatively low level, the overall market is still quite volatile.

Investors can also take advantage of a number, such as a new rule that allows some companies to trade on their own terms.

For example, a company like Amazon can now trade on its own terms, while companies like Walmart and Boeing have to pay commissions on some orders.

So, it’s very difficult to predict the Dow price level, especially given the recent volatility.

And as we mentioned, the economic and political turmoil in the Middle East has had a big impact on the market and caused a lot of investors to buy shares.

In fact, as the stock market has fallen this year due to this turmoil, it looks like the market may have to hit a higher level before it starts to climb again.

It will take time for investors to feel that boost from the economic stimulus, which could lead to a rebound.

But it’s also possible that the market will crash in the next few months, which will be a bit of a disappointment.

In the meantime, investors can rest easy knowing that the economy is still in good shape, and the Dow continues to rally.

What to do next?

Investors should keep an eye on what the Federal Reserve does next, which might help them avoid the worst of the economic turmoil.

The Fed’s next monetary policy meeting will take place in January, which may help the market see the economy as a stronger entity.

However, the Fed is likely to keep the interest rate on hold until the economy improves, and then it will likely cut rates for a few months before hiking them again.

This will give investors some time to make up their minds about whether or not they want to continue holding their money.


investors can also look for ways to boost their stock holdings.

For instance, the S&P 500 index is up about 5% this year.

The S&amps has also outperformed the S.&amp:P.

The index has also managed to hit its all-time high of 5,715.

The Nasdaq has climbed more than 6% this past year, and its market cap is now over $100 billion.

All of this growth in the stock markets is helping to support the economy.

So if you’re in a position to do a bit more buying, it is time to invest.

But don’t wait too long to buy, because the markets are likely to go through some turbulence.

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